Shawn Ketchum Johnson is a Seattle-based artist whose commitment to community engagement led him into the theater as a scenographer, drawing on his experience in installation art, environmental assemblage and large-scale sculpture. Now an accomplished scenic designer, his work has been noted by critics and viewers. His designs have been the nominees and recipients of awards, including the 2016 Gregory Award for Outstanding Scenic Design which he received for the world premiere of DAISY at ACT Theatre.
Johnson's expertise in the nontraditional theatrical modes of site-specific and devised performance keep him linked to innovative socially-engaged ensembles throughout the country and the world, as well as providing the foundation of his performance-based hybrid artistic practice. His original performance piece TIME TO TELL will have its regional premiere in May 2019.
In addition to these artistic practices, Johnson’s excellence in image-making and experiential design have led him into corporate illustration, commercial 3D visualization, and environmental event design.
Johnson received his MFA in Stage Design from Northwestern University, and holds the Scenic Design faculty position at Seattle University.
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